Jan 082012

you are with me today
as you once were
as you have become
as you always will be

all this time
you have been gone

twenty-five years
a quarter century
nearly half my life

yet the warmth of your head
against my chest
our hearts in tandem
and the sweet smell of you
remains undiminished

you have been with me
in the sister you left
in the brother and sister
who never knew your smile
in the father who loved you so

yet now you have become
my bright morning star
when I walk to the sea

you are the new day
when sunrise touches surf
and baptizes my toes
at the edge of the sand

I find you where I left you
gleaming bits mixed with shell
merging with the sand
beneath my feet

with me you always will be
when I lift my soul
to the ocean met clouds
to the pound of waves
our hearts in tandem

my love for you remains
for the beauty you gave me
for who I’ve become
since you left me
I love you and always will

my Nicole

  One Response to “My Daughter”

  1. Julianne, this is a reverent, loving tribute. My heart both weeps and leaps with yours, from the depths to the skies.

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